24 November 2009


The role of the ball boy is often one underestimated. Apart from our own Keith Cuss - who now enjoys legendary status for his flick into the Newtown Road during a late Manchester City attack at the Goldstone - there aren't many ball playing juniors out there that really help the team that employs them.

So imagine our delight and awe at the skills seen at our friends FC St. Pauli's recent match with Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Go to about 2mins30secs to see how the 12th man can help turn defence into attack, and ultimately a goal. We're not sure if the Fortuna players chased him out of the Millentor, but we would do well to have our own lax, hand-in-pockets type, lads more attuned to the sweeping counter attack.

You might want to stay tuned for the quite fit presenter at the end ... I love a girl speaking German!

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