27 November 2009


You may be familier with our eBay Crap section in the fanzine, well these snippets from a video clip here courtesy of Chicken run on NSC, show some items that we have never seen, and would be classed as eBay Gold.

If that tracksuit ever did come up on eBay I'd be astonished, I've never seen anything like that. In the video you'l see them wearing matching royal blue Adidas trousers (Buy here) and Royal blue Adidas Sambas (Buy here). Strong Look.

There is also evidence of some fetching blue Adidas tanktops.

Another piece of eBay gold that you can see in the video is this polarbear mascot. Pretty flair in it's own right, he seems to be wearing an Adidas replica kit too.


The Hovian said...

I would sell my Granny to get hold of Foster's BHAFC trackie in XL

Nice one

Goldstone Rapper said...

Great article. You can find other vintage Albion clips from Cup Final Grandstand in May 1983 on www.seagulls.tv

A replica of the luxurious cup final tracksuit (different from the one Fozzie sports here) is available from the club shop. All you need is to print the adidas logo and get a third stripe sewn on and you'll be done....