21 December 2009


Because it's christmas, and because I'm in a bad mood, I will attack the Seagulls World website for once. The Camillin media tripartite (well, not quite) that involves him co-ordinating the media, then co-commentating on the BBC, then writing on the website. It's a big festival of conflicts of interest, with a smoke screen of 'it's not a big festival of conflicts of interest'. Anyway, easy for us to say, but it was Tim Dudding who's in the dock this time.

My beef, so-to-speak, this week is the dumbing down of Seagulls World. It's not great anyway, but we all know the confines that they have to ... blah, blah, blah. This week, in a trivial and bitter little article that shows our sometimes-embaressing lack of sportsmanship, the club captain bemoans a dubious penalty rejection. Not much wrong with that, apart from the fact that the game has finished and we lost, so get over it and do something about it.

It's the title that has riled me;

"Fozzy : A Blatant Peno Tim Dudding, Seagulls World, 20 December 2009

TSLR Comment : "What. The. Shit. If this title is some horrible, nauseating introduction to a new form of fan engagement then we despair. Fozzy - who I naively presume is club captain Nicky Forster - is not a friend of mine - therefore why use this warm and snuggly little nickname for him, it's pukey. Secondly the word 'blatant' should never be used in such subjective circumstances. And lastly, at what point was the term 'Peno' a suitable word to be used outisde some cliquey horrible pub team training session bollocks. Peno is the sort of word used by people who refer to their friends as 'total legends' and played soggy biscuit in their cozy Woodruff mock-tudor houses. Peno is the sort of word used by people who wax lyrical about the ins and outs of football in front of Match of the Day every Saturday but don't know who BHA are, Peno is the sort of word used by rubbish third division footballers who have Louise Vuitton make up bags for those trips to Hartlepool. Rant over. "

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