10 January 2010


A few reasons as to why we haven't bothered blogging so far this year:

-the last post had loads of tits on it so we didn't want to ruin the image
-the snow has played havoc with the fixture list
-we've only signed some Spanish defender who hasn't played since being released in the summer (and we've offered some guy called Seb Carole a week to week contract)
-the Torquay game was shit
-we're only a popular club because the FA Cup fourth round is against a 'big' team
-the 350 people in the away end at Torquay can only get a Villa ticket if they're a (paid) member of the club's continuously terrid ticket purchasing scheme
-we're busy working on the superbly titled TSLR016
-we couldn't be bothered

The last of these reasons is most accurately associated with the actuality. Don't worry though, if you haven't had enough of our bizarre musings, why not buy a back issue from this very website? Anyway, do enjoy the glorious people of Croydon in the video.

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