12 January 2010


I think Julie Burchill is great - though I am well aware the general consensus is that she is a doughnut.

I found this quote today;

"I wake up to the sound of seagulls. Some people here in Brighton and Hove hate them, but I think they're cute. They have sad cries; I like to think they're inhabited by the souls of Londoners who always meant to move to Brighton but died before they got round to it."

I was, of course, looking for some web based information on the old fanzine, Scars & Stripes, who - if you listen to literally anybody who was involved with it - was third in the list of important publications behind the Bible and the Qur'an.  Turns out  our friend and neighbour Julie is writing a script called Scars and Stripes (although, this was some years ago).

We're hoping to have a Scars & Stripes interview in the next issue - it's only fair as we've done Gulls Eye and that other one who's name escapes me ... oh, Smith Must Score.

Web references to the fanzine are few and far between, but I did find this, and this.  The latter link describing the ill-faited oracle with high-praise; "...it illuminated the Gillingham exile with more pages, more photos, more words and more colour than any Albion fanzine before or since."

Oh super, sounds like an advert for Hello!, though this was from Anna Swallow, whom I haven't met, but believe her parents did the graphic design for the publication.

Is colour a necessity for a fanzine, we have prided ourselves on never having colour, is that what you want?


Kieron said...

I'll tell you one thing about Scars and Stripes - it was third in the list of important publications behind the Bible and the Qur'an. Statto aka Papa Lazarou aka Kieron

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