1 February 2010


Screw the Albion, we all know they're shit, certainly at home - this is a World Cup year for goodness sake. Keep an eye out for our World Cup of beers in the last issue of the season but in the meantime, we want to turn your attention to the theme tune. Years ago, a certain TSLR contributor put us on to a little known Somalian-born, Canadian rapper known as K'naan so imagine our delight and surprise when we stumbled upon what is being billed as the World Cup anthem. For a football song, it is actually quite impressive and has to be considered in a league with World in Motion and The Goldstone Rap. OK, so maybe not The Goldstone Rap but it is a damn site better than most of the football-related musical tripe we usually get lumbered with. Have a listen for yourselves but we're safe in saying it has better lyrics than: "When the whistle blows and the fans cheer, you can hear the roar from the Palace Pier." Seriously. Only some music loving chump would manage to namecheck our rivals in an Albion FA Cup Final song.

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