22 March 2010


I have posted a few links regarding Uruguay and their footballing fortunes, and now this has come up on one of the BBC's fab global football blogs.

Uruguay will be many Albion fans second team at the World Cup this year, and perhaps, if Gus stays the long haul and we get ourselves into the Championship, could become a breeding ground for future Falmer favourites.

If you were wondering, Gus started out at River Plate Uraguay (But I did just notice he had his first senior season at French club genoble ... shurly shome mistake?) and Diego Arismendi at Club Nacional ... neither of which are mentioned in the article.  I've also learnt that Arismendi is a Basque surname, just another one to add to our list of basque links.

The picture is of the vast national stadium in Montevideo.

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