26 April 2010


Soooo, that's the season over, nothing left to play for, the players who will be thinking "I have to play well to earn a new contract" are probably not good enough to earn a new contract!

With league football out of the way, it's time to turn our attention to the World Cup, and I was liking what I saw on the wonderful Creative Review BLOG regarding alternative national emblems.

Umbro and Nike have both done this by getting artists/designers/whateverz to re-think the national badges of a few teams.  Above, from th Umbro project, is alternative Germany badge.  It based on their strong industrial ethos, but also features a cheeky bratwurst at the bottom.  That is well flair.

Above is Uraguay's effort.  Odd.  I don't know what the shit it is portraying, but me gusta none the less.

Next up is Nike's efforts.  This is England by the way, a stupid red lion acting like a twat and sitting on a ball that looks like it's been designed by somebody who doesn't really like football.  The lion doesn't have a nose, which is just sloppy in my opinion.  The Umbro version of the England crest wasn't too clever either, it was a very detailed traditional coat of arms, but they've stolen TSLR's crest by putting acid house smileys in their's too.  Cheats.

This is my favourite from the Nike bundle.  I might buy one of these t-shirts.  They are designed by So Me who is the guy behind all the Ed Banger Records graphic output.  You can get your mits on most of the Nike stuff at their store HERE.

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