20 April 2010


A friend of ours, who kindly lent his DJ skills for about 6 hours at the last TSLR end of season party, has transferred his highly-acclaimed Family Funktunes night to the airwaves on the wonderful Radio Reverb (home of our friends Albion Roar).

Family Funktunes earned their reputation with a mix of northern soul, motown, funk and disco ... notoriously at the much-missed Sussex Arts Club; so expect similar stuff from their radio show which can be tuned into on the third Saturday of the month at 1800 GMT, or downloaded in the medium of podcast via THIS link.

We say northern soul, they certainly have southern souls, i.e. massive Albionites.

Get involved in their blog HERE while you're at it!  It's prett sparse at the moment but we're sure it will be more butterfly and less caterpillar very soon.

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