12 July 2010


Clearing out my inbox the other day, I came across these little beauties of us at Leeds last season in what was dubbed our 'CoHawk Day'. Once I managed to stop laughing my little face off, I thought I'd upload them for your general amusement. The first features some hilarious norfern stewards who were too scared of their suited boss to actually wear the masks.

Then Glenbo scored a penalty to win us the game (or so we thought)...
...and celebrated in front of the ever so slighlty inebriated Colins'...
...who also celebrated - there were cheers from the Hawkins' in front of the Uruguayan flag......and cheers from the CoHawk in front of the smiley face. And that was our fun day out. Thanks to TSLR contributor Tomy Super Cup for the hilarious pictures. And whoever has the photee of about eight of us CoHawks at the same time, get it in the post to us.

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