4 July 2010


Alas, one of few Albion players to have been employed by the club since the existence of The Seagull Love Review and the only one to have been honoured by us in the form of a face mask, Colin Hawkins, will not be returning for pre season training. Read the full story here but it generally claims that the Hawk will not be taking up the Albion's offer of pre-season training and instead will head back to Ireland, with the brilliantly named Sporting Fingal reportedly interested. The article also claims that Hawkins is one of the most decorated defenders in Irish football having won four league titles.

It makes you feel sorry for the man who, over the last two seasons, has been struck with injury and confidence problems on the south coast. Unfortunately for him, he will go down as the Albion player who played just four minutes of the 2009/10 season. Fortunately for him, he has a lot of Seagull Love from this particular Review and we can only wish our first cult hero all the best for the future. We know which Irish side we'll be supporting this season.

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