5 July 2010


Now you all know how we have ample time for Hamburg's best football club, St. Pauli and we're still jolly excited about their promotion to the Bundesliga next season that will see them play Hamburg's worst football club, er, Hamburg. Well the excitement doesn't end there - way back when we produced TSLR006 (or Die Mowe Liebe Kritik/DMLK006) in January 2009 following our excellent excursion there in November 2008, we reported on how exciting it was to see a team claim brown as their first choice colour.

So although we didn't purchase their brown shirt back then, we're tempted to do so now. This metallic brown number is their kit for the upcoming top flight season and everyone here at TSLR Towers (incidentally refreshed from our summer break) is salivating at the prospect of owning one. Especially since the new Albion shirt is, let's face it, a bit shit. And that's even after they made it our requestable mainly blue for the 2010/11 season. Incidentally, the Errea creation isn't all bad, it's just that dodgy sponsor. With a St. Pauli shirt like this, we're not even sure what the sponsor says, which is the identical problem with the Albion shirts since Skint. And as for explaining to non Albionites that we're not secondary shirt-sponsored by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle will always be a problem.

The Bundesliga fixtures for next season have just come out and we suggest getting out there for the St. Pauli v Hamburg game on the weekend of the 18 September. Or else catch the return game on the weekend of the 5 February. We'll be at one, if not both, but be wary, when booking, of our mistake from last time - the game could be played anytime between the Friday and the Monday due to television rights so make sure you book the 4 day weekend. Oh, and have an Astra for us.

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