2 August 2010


Everybody's a photographer these days.  Upon seeing that fine scene, you have no excuse to not whip out your mobile and take a snap.

Hell, some of you may even have proper cameras, ones with lenses and flashes and other clever things.

What we need for next season is photos from your travels around the country supporting the Albion.  We want pictures of rickety signs proclaiming the name of some far-flung and largely forgotten football club.  We want cutting edge images of the local cuisine and/or giant hot dogs.  We want covert voyeuristic snaps of northern girls cooing over your cheeky Haywards Heath accent.

What we should really do is have a competition with the best photo from the season winning a prize in May.  We'll look into this.  In the mean time, send your snaps to tslr@hotmail.co.uk

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