4 August 2010


As we find ourselves mulling over whether to include yet another Portuguese pre-season tour write-up for the first issue of TSLR for the 2010/11 promotion season, we thought it might be time to let you know about our excellent subscription rates. These are best for those that live overseas or those that think we might be in the pub too long to get outside the ground to shift a few copies. Following the success of last year's subscription rate and like a pre-election council pledge, we are freezing the payment at a cool £10 for the season. For your money, you get all 9 issues including postage (wherever you are) as well as a VIP ticket to TSLR030 - the traditional end of season party that, this season, will be taking place in the gun crime capital of the country, Nottingham.

If you have a good story - like you live in Rwanda doing charity work, you are forced to eat rats to survive or you have to cope with the total indignity of living in Croydon then email us (tslr@hotmail.co.uk) your heart rendering story and we'll consider giving you a subscription for free. It better be good though, and verifiable. We're all off to marvel at how artistically sexy the redesign for this year is. Don't forget to pick up your copy of TSLR021 at Swindon on Saturday for the usual price of £1. It'll be a belting issue.

Photo: Another Falmer photee for your general amusement

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