18 August 2010


When Sheffield Wednesday right royally fucked up sending Palarse down on the last day of last season, they really should have reacted like this lot did - Fenerbahce fans went a little bit crazy when they lost the title on the last day of last season. I particularly enjoy the fire that starts in the stand on the left around the time a police van drives into the stadium. Those miserable Turkish authorities took it upon themselves to ban any fans from watching the opening two fixtures of this season. All the Wednesday fans could do at Hillsborough was look glum about a drop to Division Three and, if I remember rightly, a few Yorkshiremen ventured on to the pitch only to start a fight with a Palarse player who seemingly threw a punch back and won. It's a bit early in the season to be rioting like this on Saturday but last season's early season trip to Yorkshire resulted in that 7-1 farce so who knows?

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