24 August 2010


Terrible news has just landed on the desk at TSLR Towers and it comes fresh from the Plymouth Argyle website here. It turns out that three International call-ups in Division Three results in a match having the option to be called off. That despite the fact that we're already booked up on the train that day and the resulting rearrangement is bound to take place on a Tuesday night, which means a whole host of our actual day job related holiday forms trying to work out the best way of taking off as little time as possible whilst failing miserably to negotiate the £12 each way train bargain we already had booked for the journey on Saturday week.

The plot thickens further still when you ascertain the circumstances behind the three Internationals. Onismor Bhasera - a Zimbabwean player - is one of the three disappearing away from a glamourous tie with the Albion for an African Nations 2012 qualifying game in Liberia. What is more remarkable is that a country that is so inherently screwed over by three decades of Mugabe rule still has a football team that competes. But, as this recent Guardian article reveals, the country is returning to some sort of normality - McDonalds is about to set up shop there and Zimbabwe is returning to test cricket later this month. Although, as reported in this old Times article, if someone who shares a name with Garry Nelson is anti-Mugabe, then so are we. In fact, I think we can go as far to say that it's Mugabe's fault we won't be heading to Plymouth on 4 September.

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