10 August 2010


Below is another article from Portugal that didn't make the print edition of TSLR021. It is by a new contributor for the 2010/11 season known as Norman Wisdom's Fan Club. Enjoy:

The appointment of Gustavo last November kick started what has been widely touted as a flair extravaganza, and his first pre-season in charge was never going to be in any danger of disappointing the good work already done. The announcement of the Albion trip to the Algarve brought together a combination of sun, booze and football, which was a welcoming alternative to the dross that usually gets served up in the Sussex based friendlies.

All expectations were met with regards to the sun and boozing. The relentless intensity from the sun burnt blotches into the pale skin of Doncaster Seagull, I should know as I had to rub copious amounts of after-sun into the Yorkshire-mans skin every evening.

On the drinking front, even the most hardened drinkers that frequent West Street would have come unstuck with the “Electric Lemonade” that was ordered in a karaoke bar. Apart from almost ending my night very early, it made a Portuguese dick head’s rendition of “the most beautiful girl in the world” almost sound good. We quickly learnt that you did not have to ask for doubles in any of the bars.

Needless to say, our first night out ended up in somewhat of a farce, the northern monkeys headed off home early, passed out and locked the door behind them. The sensible thing to do then would have been to explain the situation to the hotel receptionist, and hopefully persuade him to let us into the room. But instead, we decided to sleep on the roundabout outside the hotel (until the sprinklers came on), steal sun beds from beside a pool (got caught by the receptionist), stealth our way into the building and hide in a cupboard (got caught), all until we finally made contact with our northern counterparts and got back into the room.

And that is genuinely it for our Portuguese coverage, we will now get the silly masthead down off the blog and see yer in a few hours in Northampton.

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