31 August 2010


The ultimate in the football fanzine on a mass scale is When Saturday Comes - of that there is no doubt. Today, whilst pressing refresh all too many times simultaneously on both the Evening Argus and BBC Sport websites, this article popped into our collective consciousness here at TSLR Towers. It is a very good read - debating the relevance of a paper led fanzine in this bizarre internet led modern era. I think we fall firmly on the side of the fence that thinks paper fanzines still have a place in football-going society, but then we would say that, wouldn't we? Personally, I love the line that claims:

"The internet has not, and will not, lead to the death of the printed word, not least because, in football’s case, your average website is not exactly a riot of wit, intelligence and irreverence."

Now I'm not saying that we are full of wit, intelligence and irreverence but we still feel there is a place for a proper paper fanzine in the era of chatrooms. And it was because we were sick that there was no humour led publication available at Albion half-times that we decided to give this fanzine lark a go (and a drunken chat about doing it following a few beers). So, here we are. Football websites seriously have their place, but so do pwoper paper fanzines. Why not read everything there is about the Albion (except maybe that propaganda sheet they call the programme which only really includes everything you've read in the Argus anyway)? Especially when some wonderful publications are only a quid.

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