2 September 2010


This is the head of Fran Sandaza.  Much has been written about the Toledo-native's arrival at Withdean, but I'd like to open up an alternative discourse regarding the hispanic hitman.

I think he is odd looking.  At first I thought he was just plain ugly, but videos reveal him to be quite handsome in places, it's just that those places don't seem to fit together just right.

Though Fran will find himself at home as a member of the cabin crew on the Albion Flairoplane, he is not blessed with the striking visage of his contemporaries, such as Calde or Chino.

He reminds me of the Faun from Pans Labyrinth infact.

I am hoping readers of our blog will suggest - in the comments section - other atypically faced Albion players from past, or present, with the best suggestions winning a free fanzine next month (RRP £1).

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