6 September 2010


Everyone and their bloody dog has written about this by now. From these guys and their pretty poor report about it to these chumps with their poor quality photograph. Obviously you know the story by now - Albion knowledge guru Tim Carder has kept us fully aware of a time when we were good, the best in the land. You can safely sleep tonight knowing that 100 years ago today we smashed Aston Villa (1-0) to win the Charity Shield and earn the then tag of 'Champions of all England'. It is an anniversary like this that allows one to dream of the future successes that this club is sure to have. In the meantime, we can dream of another Division Three title and an evening of cobbling together some words to throw into the next paper issue of the fanzine, TSLR022, out this Saturday. Thanks to the Albion Collectors' and Historians' Society for keeping us aware and buy some stuff off them by the club shop against MK Dons this weekend (with your change from a shiny new TSLR obviously). It's a shame there's nobody alive that remembers that game...

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