24 October 2010


Winning like this is having a worrying effect on the rest of my life. For the last 15 years, aside from a few short bursts, 90 minutes of Albion viewing has allowed me to use up all my anger for the week. But because watching the Albion at the moment is so relaxing, I get angry at everything else in my life - like Lee Dixon on MOTD2 for instance. One statistic to come out of the Yeovil game was this possession figure from the BBC match report. I have always questioned how they work out possession statistics and I have doubts about this figure. Blow me, I like this one. 81% possession, top of the table by 6points - we can get hammered at Peterborough and still be top. Does supporting the Albion get any better than this? Enjoy it while it lasts. And enjoy your Monday TSLRites.

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