22 October 2010


So it turns out that one TSLRite of the most loyal fanzine buying variety made it into the hallowed pages of the Guardian Knowledge column this week. If ever you have a spare few moments we suggest perusing the amazing archive that this column has. It's where you can find some of the most bizarre and heartwarming footballing stories of all time. Anyhow, this week was the second week running it was harping on about strange footballing friendships and that is where our hallowed friend turned up. You can view the glorious edition of this week here and the clever ones among the blog readership will already realise that it has something to do with the picture. Remarkably, last week's Knowledge column here also had a similar theme and started this here thread on NSC that contributor tomysupercup was a part of. Proof that, on the rare occasion, NSC is worth reading. Enjoy the match tomorrow, and if you haven't yet purchased TSLR023 then get in quick - we're actually running out of mags this month. What with that and Peterborough selling out fast, it's like we've become a glory club already.

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