21 October 2010


Our media savvy team at TSLR Towers have just alerted us to the following article on the Press Gazette website here. It deails how Evening Argus staff could vote to strike over plans to sack staff and freeze wages. Not only that but they had to hold their meeting in Asda car park as the management don't like them plotting in house. So in a season where the Albion are flying, there could be a couple of times this year where no Brighton newspaper is printed. Although having said that, Andy Naylor always struck us as a bit of a scab. And to be honest, if the Argus failed to print one Saturday, our sales would go through the roof. Meanwhile, strike action is being considered here over the management decision of TSLR to sponsor Ashley Barnes' away kit this season. Although it should be recorded that, like the government, TSLR had funding difficulties and haven't actually paid the club for our name in the programme yet.

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