20 October 2010


Just been on the phone to the TSLR accountant.  Turns out that the cost of coffee and biscuits for members at yesterdays inaugral TSLR Ethics Committee has taken our meagre fanzine funds into the red.

Next time we'll have to cut the Vienese Whirls and Fox's Classics Osborne-style with a sharp jog round the block to Aldi on the cards.

We called up the erstwhile coin-counter to enquire as to whether we had a spare £5,000 in the account so we could buy the original Tonka Soundsystem (on eBay HERE) and use it for our annual do.  These speakers were reposnible for some of the greatest parties ever thrown in Brighton.  Of course us twenty-something co-editors were more interested in crudely crayoning portraits of our favourite Albion players when Tonka was in full flow, but the bleary eyed veterens of the Brighton acid house scene have recounted some fabulous stories.

If you have a spare 5k, you should put a bid in, perhaps we'll sell enough mags by May to afford the hire fee and borrow the setup for our end of season party.  In reality all profits will be going into legal costs as the Barnesawaykitgate scandal heats up, this one is going to The Hague.

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