18 October 2010


When something like a 4-0 away win happens, the team here at TSLR Towers tends to spend the following days working out which brilliantly themed music video to represent our feelings (especially when it is we come out of The Valley with no photographs). Certainly, few games in our lives have felt as successful as the Saturday just gone and no amount of hangovers or bitter disappointment at a return to work can dampen those spirits. We like to find a choice of music video that is relevant and, if at all possible, created in the 1980s. Therefore, our pick this glorious Monday is The Cars. Sit back, enjoy and think of the Charlton demolition.

For those who would like a bit of actual match summary, then head over to the wonderful website of The Hovian here who not only reports on the match but also has pictures to back it up. The Hovian makes some excellent observations from the weekend game - namely that Gary Dicker and Glenn Murray were a class above. Although, that seems a little unfair on the rest of them - the whole damn team played like champions. Whilst there may not be any digital TSLR photees to speak of, all four goals are ingrained on our minds every time our eyes close so we're all off to the work toilet to close our eyes and try not to cry with happiness. As I mentioned on Saturday, we love you all.

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