11 October 2010


I could have sat here and written about what terrible officials we had at the weekend but fuck it, we're still top - all we have to do is do better than everyone else close to us each week and we'll win the league - simplez. No, what I am going to blog about is something that we blogged about some eight months ago - Dion Dublin's Dube. WTF I hear you youngsters write in response. Well, I'll tell you what the fuck - back in February of this year, we were alerted at TSLR HQ about Dion Dublin bringing out a musical instrument. In fact, you can read that quite magnificant blog post here.

OK, well we established that Dion Dublin's dad was in Showaddywaddy (and then we established that wasn't quite true) so the fact that he was inventing a musical instrument didn't seem that far fetched. It is quite bizarre though. The picture attached to this blog shows you what Dion Dublin's Dube instrument looks like, and you can order yourself one by following the link here. Perplexed? We still are and that's despite the fact we've now written two blogs about it and thought about it a lot more. Maybe Dublin should hook up with that music mogal and failed Albion striker Jonny Dixon (love the photo Jonny). Surprising isn't it? There appears to be no Dube endorsment from Showaddywaddy.

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