31 October 2010


This article from the Guardian website got sent to us earlier in the week and I've only just got round to putting it up. There is truly nothing funnier than politicians out of their comfort zone and nowhere is this more apparent than when they play football. Admittedly, however much he despises the west, Ahmadinejad looks fairly comfortable on the ball as seen in this Guardian video. He certainly looks like he could give Boris Johnson a decent one on one match down the local park.

It has been a week of numbers here at TSLR Towers - we're beavering away on TSLR024 due out at the FA Cup tie against Woking in six days time; we got 100 followers on Twitter (although this has dropped down to 98 now); and this just happens to be our 301st blog post. 301 and not a jot of sense amongst them. And what advice can we give in the 301st post? Well, we're off to the biggest Weatherspoons in the country to continue the celebrations we started yesterday. There may never be a better time to be an Albion fan so enjoy it whilst it lasts.

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