1 November 2010


There is nothing better at the moment than picking up a newspaper on a Monday morning and reading about the Albion game on the previous Saturday. Today, we thought that we should check out the reaction from the Peterborough side of the fence and the joy it has given us is almost as great as the flare that went off at 1-0 in London Road. You can read the full article brimming with bitterness here (and really you should) but we have selected some choice bits on your behalf. The beauty of the disappointed Posh reporter yet his unintentional praise that is lavished upon us is nothing short of magic. And if their to be so bitter about it, of course we'll steal your photo - we believe it was your highlight of the day:

"Make no mistake this bordered on the outright embarrassing. Brighton’s inventive, slick football was far too much to handle for a Posh side who were out-thought as well as comprehensively outplayed."

"Brighton’s diamond midfield shape and passing ability was no surprise to Posh and yet they couldn’t have looked more bemused if they’d been asked to explain Newton’s Laws of Motion while solving a rubik’s cube."

"It was an awful day for the Posh team and manager Gary Johnson has certainly had better days. His attempt to turn the day into a ‘Cup Final’ was well-intentioned, but as every away ground is probably like Wembley compared to Brighton’s embarrassing home facilities, it suited the visitors."

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