19 October 2010


So, you've all seen the new England shirt right?  England are a bit like that girl in your office; she's fit, you'd like to spend more time with her, but she's an awful twat too.

TSLR are reasonably patriotic though and even when the chances of us pulling a fifty out of our bank accounts to buy a ticket for Wembley are highly unlikely, we do like the new colourful crosses that Umbro and Peter Saville have used for the latest white jersey.

I have been lucky enough to visit the Umbro studios in Manchester a couple of times in the last month and have been chatting with a few of the bods there.  The limited edition shirt (above) has the colourful crosses all over it and this was the original design put forward.  Turns out that after a meeting with the FA and a bit of market testing in various old man pubs, the full shirt of crosses was turned down.  The released version only has the crosses on the yoke and it is still very, very nice.

Umbro have an archive of all their shirts they produced for teams and I think they did a few Albion shirts until we wore Bukta in 1979 - They made shirts for just about everytbody  I am on a promise of a tour around the archives and hopefully I'll get a picture of this beauty soon.

We're all about the red caligraphic BHAFC logo.  Until then, keep an eye on the excellent Umbro Blog HERE.

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