19 October 2010


Co-editor sends me a link to put on the blog, all well and good, it's reasonably interesting and is from the Gay Football Supporters Network and the Kick Homophobia Out Of Football campaign.  We say campaign, it's struggled to make the same impact as it's similar Racism Kick Out Campaign.

Anyway, read the article here, it's an interview with Don Foster, Member of Parliament for Bath.  He's a LOLberal Democrat.

Hang on, did we reference Lib Dem and Bath in the same sentence?  Not sure about you but when I hear those two things together it's sends a shivver down my spine.  This guy must be mates with Belloti.  In fact, turns out he was Foster's election agent in 2003.

In light of this, and the Co-editor's incompetence in sourcing clean stories for the blog, I have set up a TSLR Ethics Committee so these sort of stories don't make the press in the future!

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