5 October 2010


A remarkably great man passed us by yesterday, Sir Norman Wisdom (04/02/15 - 04/10/10). What a man he was, and that's even without his stint as beloved director of our esteemed football club. Wisdom featured in a number of great films back when cinema was gloriously out of technicolour as well as dominating the country's entertainment for about half a century. He still has what must be a fan website here where you can see some quality interviews with Wisdom and clips of his earlier work. As ever, the Guardian here has the best obituary of the man who will always make us laugh.

Our thoughts at this sad time are with his family and the response from those followed by us on Twatter last night were plentiful and just showed the respect the 95 year old legend had garnered from us all. A true film, Albion and, weirdly, Albanian legend - a master of his art and king amongst men. Sir Norman Wisdom, we salute you.

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