6 October 2010


Personally, I think this is absolutely amazing. I should be sat here putting together the jottings that will form TSLR023 but instead I have been trawling around the world of the Football Supporters Federation and their wonderful project. Someone has gone to the trouble of renaming the entire tube map of London with football related names. We like the FSF because they advocate the standing at football matches. We also like them because they have just released the 23rd issue of their magazine The Football Supporter. 23 seems to be the correct number at the moment then.

But could we have asked for any more than this wonderful tube map? No, we didn't think so. So, as we begin late nights making sure there's something for you to read at the game on Saturday (other than that tripe they call the 'programme'), spare a thought for the gang at FSF who have obviously worked harder than us on this showpiece tube map. For those without a working knowledge of the actual tube map, then have a look below. Our favourite? Well it has to be Lewes FC instead of Lewisham, bottom right and an absolute classic.

To be honest, the version of the football related tube map at the top of this blog is pretty poor in being able to read (which is the entire point) so why not log on here and have a proper gander for yourself.

***UPDATE*** Having now actually read the FSF map in detail, I can confirm that Goldhawk Road on the Hammersmith and City line (the pink one) actually reads Goldstone Ground. Winners.

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