7 October 2010


The problem with the BBC is that we don't have the opportunity to embed a video here on this very blog. So we have linked most of this article to a goal from the League of Ireland you really should set your gorgeous eyes upon. We couldn't just put a link up though so have a look at a picture of the goalscorer himself. Sit back, take a pinch of salt - this is the league that Colin Hawkins plays in by the way - and watch a great goal. Talking of the Hawk, don't forget to check out his new facelift here.

And on a more serious note, congratulations to Gus and Casper for mopping up awards today. Hopefully you can get the end of season awards too.


The Hovian said...

It's the IRISH League, Northern Ireland. The Hawk plays south of the border you bellends LOL

i am sam said...

sloppy stuff from stefan

sten said...

Good point, well made. I can only apologise for my distinct lack of geographical knowledge (and for not reading the BBC website properly)