9 November 2010


In this month's News in Briefs (TSLR024, available now - online, or at all Albion matches until Colchester at home), we mentioned a book that covered the footballers batallion in the First World War. Robert Whiting was an Albion goalkeeper for a time (1908-14, 320 appearances) before heading out to France in November 2015 and, after spending time in hospital in Brighton before going AWOL, he returned to the front lines in April 1917. He died later that month as the British suffered horrendous casulties. Whiting was one of many footballers, and few Albion ones, that died during the war and it is his story that has been researched for BBC London online by Ronan Thomas of the City of Westminster archives (Whiting was born in London and previously played for Chelsea). It is an incredible life story and you can read the full article here. We would certainly recommend it.

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