9 November 2010


Tickets have gone on sale for the cup replay as of 1700 this evening. I've already got mine so what are you waiting for? As I was heading to the payment page I was struck by the following sentence that adorns the web page:

"We are sorry that we are currently unable to accept American Express payments."

Absolute bloody classic is that. How much the company is paying to be the main sponsor at Falmer is unknown but do you think that part of the deal will allow AmEx customers to purchase Brighton and Hove Albion tickets? What a novel idea. We like to think we're important enough to be read by the club (even though we're probably not) so if some bright spark down in the office on Queen's Road is reading this, maybe you should suggest that a clause be put in the contract between Tony Bloom and his favourite world class credit card provider.

1 comment:

i am sam said...

this has been done months ago.

must try harder.