12 November 2010


A couple of years ago we went to Hartlepool and Robbie Savage was playing in our midfield.  We were, of course, complete bobbins then.  Under the stewardship of Mickey Adams Albion played some of the most dispirited football of recent times.

Savage was subbed at half-time, much to his annoyance (rumours of a changing room bust-up with Adams didn't come to much) and Albion went on to lose the game comfortably.  Happily, Savage went back to Derby after his loan spell with us and turned a corner.  Popular with Albionites, Savage continues to entertain both on the field and off and I'm sure we're all pleased to see him captaining Derby and doing a good job on BBC 606.

Victoria Park is not as popular with Albion fans.  It's difficult to get to by train and the weather is challenging at best, we also have a poor record there and seeing as I'm attending my second match of the season (the first being the horrific draw at Tranmere) we will probably throw this one aswell.  Still, look on the bright side.

Oh, and make sure you pick up a copy of Hartlepool United's excellent fanzine Monkey Business.  it's one of the best out there and like us, only a pound.  Click HERE for their website.

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