14 November 2010


The Scottish Sun has reported that the wives and girlfriends of Dundee FC players (pictured) have posed for photees for a raunchy calendar to help the club pay off its tax debts. The club was deducted 25 points for entering administration for the second time in 7 years - which seems a little on the harsh side. So it's refreshing to see that the WAGs who have benefitted from the wages of the club have got their kit off (well, their trousers in this photo) to help the club make some money to pay the tax bill. One thing is for certain, we'll be doing our bit by purchasing a calendar (to help the football club out) to adorn our office wall at TSLR Towers. If only Liz Costa had had this idea back in 1996. We would have sold so many calendars of half naked supporters club members, we may have been able to buy Archer out and save the Goldstone...

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