15 November 2010


For those that don't know, this is an image of the TSLR motor - the Scirocco named after Elliott Bennett. On Saturday, we attempted our first road trip this season - to Hartlepool - and failed miserably to get there for ANY of the game. In fact, we didn't even make it to Hartlepool meaning two TSLRites missed their first game of the season. To commiserate, we have come up with an eleven point plan on how to plan an away trip in a car:

1. Always leave with enough time to get to a ground.
2. Always have a road map in the car.
3. If you decide to pick people up, encourage them to meet in places near the motorway.
4. Just because you are travelling north, do not always assume that every road will require you to travel north.
5. Always drive on the motorway you are meant to be on.
6. The M6 may look a lot like the M1 but it may not be.
7. If you do travel on the wrong motorway, do go back rather than attempt to travel cross country on an 'A' road.
8. Follow the diversion wisely.
9. Do not take corners at high speed in fifth gear simply because you are late.
10. Have a contingency plan to get cake to the away ground if it is in the car with you. This will save the Albion from losing and making the day even worse.
11. If several signs suggest a visit to Alton Towers then go to Alton Towers.

Remarkably, the 20 year old car had no problems with running smoothly, it was simply the four idiots in the car that had the problem - of which we counted five critical navigational errors. Watching the Albion lose on teletext in a pub in Sheffield having driven for six hours and spent £80 odd quid on petrol is not the best way to spend a match day. Coupled with the fact that Liam Bridcutt faces suspension and we may never see King Kazenga in an Albion shirt again, this was clearly the worst away day in history. It got us to thinking, why not submit your worst ever non football score related away day ever? Get in touch through the usual channels (tslr@hotmail.co.uk or twitter - @tslr) and let us know ahead of the next issue. Any submissions would at least mean we got something out of the day. Next time, we'll take the train...

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