25 November 2010


Once a Ruffian, always a Ruffian!  Except last night when I donned a blazer and went to the ballet.

I had never been to a ballet before and chose Matthew Bourne's Cinderella, an apparent good piece for simpletons and first-timers like me.  I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely; funny, moving, dramatic and technically wonderful.

Obvioulsy the previous night I had been sat at my laptop listening to the Albion game.  Though a ticket for that performance would have cost over £5 more than I paid for my ballet ticket, the level of entertainment was somewhat different.

With ballet - and infact any show really - you will be guaranteed a certain level of performance.  Sometimes the excitement of winning away against a top team with a second half penalty will trump any dances prancing around a stage in Salford, but when it goes the other way and our blue and white striped cast forget their lines at crucial moments you leave feeling deeply rotten.

I think you should all have a go at this ballet thing this year so I've had a look and found that the fantastic Les Ballets Trockedero de Monte Carlo (bloke in the picture above is getting ready for this - yeah, it's a drag show, but with technical panache) are playing The Dome in March.  You can buy tickets now from HERE.  The Sunday Torygraph said 'Each Trocks visit brings delicious new surprises... we might have come to laugh but we stayed to worship'.  Indeed, if you don't trust the DT's opinion then we give up!

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