26 November 2010


The FC United fanzine - Under The Boardwalk - were very kind to us when we visited Gigg Lane a couple of years ago.

Back then, though this still might be the case today, FC fans would congregate pre-match in a room above the ground where they would set up their own bar and food stall (reason being that Bury FC would not allow FCUM a percentage of food and drink sales if bought within the ground like normal, or something like that).  They also put on bands and sold fanzines and that's where we met our Mancunian contemporaries.

To this day the fanzine still link to us on their website, as do we.

They come in for a lot of flack do FCUM, not only in Manchester but throughout the country.  We'd like to think that if everybody really understood what the movement was about, and saw the bigger picture, they would thank FCUM for what they're doing for English football.  One day, one day, we will look back and view them as the founding fathers.  Of what, I'm not sure yet!

Anyway, you make your own mind up, but support the fanzine - and the supporters - of FCUM by purchasing a copy of Under The Boardwalk either at the ground on Saturday or via HERE on their website.

NB: Looks like the website is out of date, or maybe they have stopped doing it, but I'm sure there'll be somebody selling fanzines on Saturday.

Another NB: Read this about their new ground which got the go ahead yesterday HERE.

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