29 November 2010


Gully takes issue with Gary Bailey chants from the Fake Manchester United fans

It is a measure of how far we've come under Gustavo that we're all bitterly disappointed with the fact we didn't pick up three wins over the last three games. Two missed penalties and a stoppage time concession are enough to get a load of people booing and a manager seemingly pissed off with that reaction. Cast your eyes back to the last time we visited Huddersfield and that 7-1 reverse. Think of the moments when the Russell Slade revolution was clearly coming to nothing. Think of the days when Dean Cox would screw up every corner. Remember the time we thought Jake Robinson was good. I could go on. Sure, Saturday was massively disappointing (apart from the legend in the making Fran Sandaza) but we're still unbeaten since Hartlepool and things could be a lot worse as we cast our eyes over the rest of the division only 4 points clear at the top. And there has been plenty of occasions we simply haven't made the third round draw.

Meanwhile, a reasonable little blog has written about Mauricio Tarricco this morning. Hilarious. Check that out here. And think, we get another chance to flog TSLR024 at the FC United replay. This co-editor will not be making the trip north. And as for FC United being a beacon of the 'new football'. If they do so clearly wish to be disassociated with Manchester United, then singing songs about Gary Bailey in 1983 is not the way to do it. It is a point made ever so well by TSLR contributor and better Albion blogger than us, The Hovian, which you can read here.

Oh, and if you get the chance to watch the ITV FA Cup highlights, witness how we absolutely destroyed our opponents before opting to enjoy the Michel Kuipers comedy goalkeeping roadshow during the Crawley match with Swindon. In it you will see all the reasons why the Dutchman is no longer an Albion player - how he only conceded the one goal is beyond us.

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