1 December 2010


Now we don't really care whether or not England gets the World Cup tomorrow but with all this Panorama slander going around, we thought we'd show you some footage from a Russian game a few weeks ago. The classic crossbar breaking takes you back to 1997 and it's something that certainly wouldn't happen at MK Don'ts in 2018. If it was up to TSLR, the winner is Russia.
Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago, the Guardian picked up on a theme we discussed briefly in our August 2009 issue (TSLR011). Chris Basiurski reports on how gay football players may still find that the sport is not ready to accept them. Coupled with the Darren Purse interview a couple of months back, the Guardian is at least debating the fact that the lack of gay footballers since Justin Fashunu is still an issue, and a worrying one at that being the fact that we're in 2010. Unfortunately, it just goes to highlight the amount of idiots that follow and work in football. Anyway, if you haven't read those two articles, I suggest you spend a few minutes doing so.


Now stretching way back to the beginning of the month, here at TSLR Towers we blogged about Albion's Pom Pom Whiting who valiantly lost his life in the First World War. Well imagine our disappointment as BBC London unsurprisingly reported on the great man and failed to mention that he played for the Albion at all. If you can take anything from the clip, it is that the presenter is Riz Lateef - which means she is probably stealing your cigarette papers right now.

And finally, Classic Argus Stories #1 threw up this poorly researched, poorly written Evening Argus article from just after the Peterborough match. What a waste of a column inch - they would have been better off advertising our fine fanzine. That fine fanzine that incidentally pulled off a bit of a Famer season ticket price scoop yesterday, even if NSC try to deny it.

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