2 December 2010


It's not often that we recommend purchasing a glossy magazine but it looks as if this month's issue of FourFourTwo may well be worth, er, buying. Well, maybe not. Maybe we should just recommend you pop into WH Smiths and have a little browse.

Meanwhile, on the day the Argus was expecting huge sales of Famler season tickets, I've just read that the ticket office is closed. I don't know how to get my ticket - The Argus seems to think I'll have a letter from the club this morning but unless they've spoken to my postman, I can't see how. There ain't nothing on my doormat.

Unlike the snow slackers at the club ticket office and shop, I have made it into work this morning. It may surprise you to know that here at TSLR Towers, we don't make enough pound coins from the fanzine to avoid going to a proper office five days a week. Whilst at this 'proper' office, I sometimes look at Parliamentary business over the upcoming week. Well, this next week throws up some exciting football related business. First up, on Tuesday we get the Safe Standing (Football Stadia) Bill tabled by Robert Smith of the Lib Dems. And then on Wednesday, we're treated to the Westminster Hall Debate on the Regulation of football ground capacity tabled by Nic Dakin of Labour from Scunthorpe). We'll let you know what excitement they bring but don't put those seats in the north at Falmer just yet.

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