10 December 2010


The fanzine has been produced and is probably whirring around the press at Colourfast in Brighton right now ready for the trip to Huddersfield Town tomorrow.

We could probably get the fanzine printed cheaper elsewhere, or nearer to where us editors live, but we like Colourfast, they have been good to us and they are Albion through and through.  It's also nice to know that the thing is actually made in Brighton;  The Hartlepool United fanzine is printed in London for example!

It's tiring putting the fanzine together, but once it's done and sent off it's a great feeling and I can't wait to shift a few tomorrow.

It's not hyperbole to call tomorrow's clash a big game.  Town have a decent record against us at the Galpharm - the seven goals we witnessed last season was horrendous, but they showed a lot of quality to piss on our chips the season before, an Albion win would've guaranteed us safety but we had to come from behind twice.

One thing I am looking forward to is the new Sandaza song.  I do hope it takes off.

He Looks Like a Horse,
He Looks Like a Ho-o-o-o-rse
Plays for the Albion
But Looks Like a Horse

Fran still has a lot to prove, but if he's as unfit as he says, surely he'll be a pretty lethal striker at this level in the future.  Plus he's spanish and we need to keep the flair quota up.


Ballbag said...

What tune is the Sandamzo song set too?

i am sam said...

'I want to go home' by i don't know who.

it didn't really work on saturday when he came on just fater they'd scored a winner and the albion crowd don't like new songs or anything different

numb nuts said...

Unworthy cunts.

That's Sloop John B - by the Beach Boys


HOTHOOR said...

I'm just commenting on this again, because the blogger word verification thing spelled out 'hothoor'

I'm gonna use that,

i am sam said...

i am going to name my first born hothoor