15 December 2010


The club website have published this little story HERE about the Albion's clever link up with Southwick based The Healthy Company.  The aforementioned are renting some space in The Amex to house their occupational health clinic - or health and wellbeing centre as they're now called.

I could go into a rant about how the majority of employers use occupational health  as a risk-management service to ensure they don't come a cropper at tribunals, and how the implied 'duty of care' legislation is making companies actually invest in the health of their staff, much to their annoyance!

But no, I won't, instead I've been thinking about the use of these facilities should any walking wounded Albionite stumble in after a match.

A private GP clinic
For general ailments, a post-match drop-in would be good for Harveys poisoning etc.

Travel Clinic
Did you know that the home office recommends jabs for trips such as Yeovil, Orinet and Hartlepool?

Shouldn't be a problem with the new super seats, but excessive finger pointing at Glenn Murray could cause a strain.

A firm of medicine that refers to your structural integrity being the root of disease.  There are plenty of fans who one could describe as having questionable structure and integrity.

The last few matches have shown that it's the Albion players, not fans, with the feet problems.

Sports Medicine
This is all about which West Street hostelries will lubricate our younger players throats on Saturday nights.  I believe the current apothecary of choice is Pitcher and Piano on East Street.

Psychological Therapies
All fans could do with a bit of this, but the club have to be careful.  Following football, especially lower league, has many of the same traits as clinical psychosis, so don't get too comfortable on the Ches long.

Occupational Health Services
Surely the best way to fend off those vocational stress triggers is a trip to The Amex on a Saturday?

Life Coaching

We have been informed by the club spin doctor that the title of this clinic has been changed to simply Penalty Coaching.  I wouldn't bother trying to get an appointment, the waiting list is huge.

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