17 December 2010


I'm very lucky to work in a place which shuts between Christmas and new year. No having to take holiday, no boring days at the office reading NSC almost constantly, just pure days off.

My days therefore will be filled by dealing with the vast TSLR administrative rubbish. Nothing actually needs filing, but I have an opportunity to put some stuff together that has been neglected for some time.

Firstly, the TSLRchive. I'm not sure about the name, it should read TSLarchive, but I fear it reads TSLR-chive. Rest assured, it is not a fanzine home herb growing guide, but in fact a collection of some features from old fanzines. I hope to put online 3 or 4 great bits from each of the 23 fanzines we have published to date.

The second thing I want to do is make the TSLR Library fully functional. This will be an online resource for fans to read some Albion fanzines from days gone by. I have a small collection of mags from the late 80's (just got 3 copies of Smith Must Score off eBay) to about 2000 when the last ones came out. I'll scan these in and make them available to read/download. I suppose the main thing about putting together a library is to help younger fans understand what it was like supporting the club when things weren't as good as they are now... well, at least we were in the Championship in some of the 'zines!

Ahead of the museum at Falmer - where I hope they'll be some reference to fanzines - we should at least help a bit with documenting the alternative fan culture at the club, it's very rich and vibrant, and the efforts made by the editors and contributors are very relevant today.

Third on the list is to improve our shop, make all the back issues available to buy (where they haven't sold out) and add a few little bits of merchandise too.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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