25 January 2011


We interviewed Andy Naylor for the fanzine a few months ago and it came out OK, but not great.

The Argus online Q&A, while estimable in regards to a healthy and contemporary fan/press relationship, also acts as a masterclass in how to say lots without saying anything at all.

Naylor has the tone of a political spin doctor at times, feeding the frothing-mouthed fans with scraps from his vast insider knowledge.

In fact, such is the skill of Hollingbury's king of the back page rhetoric that TSLR is thinking about doing our own version.

(Billy, Seaford)
Hi Andy, sorry, TSLR,  what can you tell us about next years kit? We're all really excited
(TSLR)I have seen the kit, oh yes, and fans should be prepared for something special, or should they? It will be blue, with white also featuring prominently.  There will also be socks and shorts as part of the set, perhaps.

(James, Brighton)
And .. oh, TSLR, I don't think Bennett will go to Norwich but the club can't turn down a million pounds can they?
(TSLR) Elliott could stay in Brighton, or in fact, he could go to Norwich.  The club can accept a million pounds and equally it can't.  All I'm saying is, anything could happen, but could it?

(Jane, Haywards Heath)
Hi Andy Love Review.  Was Gus a fool to leave Glenn Murray out of the starting eleven again Bournemouth?
(TSLR) Hi Jane.  I know Gus better than anybody and I can say that he was right.  He could also have been wrong though.  The point here is that I know Gus really well.

(Don, Littlehampton)
Naylorzine, we're all excited about Falmer, do you think that we have enough in the tank to stay top until May and christen our new home as a Championship team?
(TSLR) Of course we can, Gus has the players performing better than anyone and the board are really supportive.  Things can go wrong though and you never know what's round the corner so potentially we could struggle in the play offs.  I don't think we'll be relegated and we're good enough to be Champions potentially?

(Francesca, Worthing)
Is KLL going to come back to Brighton?
(TSLR) Absolutely there's a possibility there.  Perhaps for a 2 days break in the summer with his girlfriend.  What you have to ask yourself is would you rather see KLL back in Brighton as a lost tourist or not see him here at all?

Phew, it's quite tiring this, we think we'll leave it to the pro!

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