26 January 2011


North Stand Chat released a sneaky image of the the much anticipated new badge this morning, and the general consensus is  positive.

The badge, shown above in a render for the Stadium signage, was apparently 'leaked' by an un-named source, though TSLR wonders if  this is another intergrated  marketing tactic from the club via NSC.

KSS - the Club's architects and design partners - have revealed to us that the leak was not intentional, though we wonder that a) KSS have handed over the design for the club to release as and when they please and that b) NSC, with their increasingly close links with the football club, would not jeopardise a formal launch in this manner.

On the other hand, what if it is a boo-boo?  The images seem to have originated from planning permission documents relating to lighting at the Amex, the appendices legally obliged to be in the public domain whilst in consultation stage.

This is pretty boring information really, and what's important is that the fans are happy with the the new right-leaning seagull and the return of the round badge.  Long may the days continue when the most controversial goings on at BHAFC are the introduction of a bit of PANTONE 130C on a Seagulls' face.

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