27 January 2011


Why bother with a presentation at the new Withers when TSLR have drawn a red box on the area of the North Stand that some of us wish to reside? I'm assured that the actual Falmer presentation is fascinating, amazing, exciting and all that. But really, the view is going to be spectacular form every single seat thus making trawling down to Brighton for a presentation an unnecessary added trip to the south coast. And this time, it will be without getting the chance to watch Gus' Gang run rings around the next unsuspecting team. Can someone just add me to their plus three and get me a ticket in the red box please?

It has to be pointed out that, with this half of The Seagull Love Review editing team moving house tomorrow, there are still plenty of back issues left. Apart, that is, from TSLR002 which has unbelievably sold out. Unbelievable - simply because issue two, like it's predecessor, was written by pretty much just the two of us and is not up to the high class, contributor heavy fanzines we produce these days. Just as each time I get close to heading off to the recycling bin and dumping a load, someone orders some back issues or I have a corking idea to make a papier mache Liz Costa (TSLR011) and the recycling bin looks on, empty, as I think it best to keep hold of them. If you would like any back issues, then do email us at tslr@hotmail.co.uk - preferably before the boxes need carrying.

Now I must apologise to Gully's Girls as the following video puts our blue and white lovelies to shame. It shows the fascinating cheerleading troupe of Juventus who are good enough, it seems, to stop traffic (nothing to do with the zebra crossing or anything).

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Anonymous said...

i'd like to see gullys girls do that.

but on the A23 on a foggy day.