12 January 2011


An article in The Argus grandly entitled Poyet Offers to Help Crawley (here) caught our eye this morning.

We pondered, how can Gus help Crawley before their tie against our namesakes from Torquay on the 29th January?

Our training facilities aren't up to much that's for sure and we're not going to loan them any players either, so how exactly is our Mother Teresa-esque gaffer going to extend the hand of charity to the northern monkeys?  Oh.

"We are open to helping them, whether it is giving them a copy of the DVD of the match or whatever."

Yep, you read it, we're going to give them a DVD.  The disc in question is of our uninspiring FA Cup tie against the Gulls last January.  TSLR especially likes the laissez faire 'whatever' at the end of the quote implying that perhaps if Crawley Town asked us for a few Ginsters for the journey to Devon we'd send them  up as a fraternal pan-Sussex gesture.

If it is DVDs that the imaginatively pseudonymed Red Devils want in preparation for the game then perhaps all members of the Albion family can help.  We've dug deep into our own vault to find a copy of Ministry of Sound's Pump It Up! fitness/bongo release from 2005, and the straight to DVD classic Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Should you wish to send any other reduced-bin movies to Crawley, and yes that does include Dick Knight's Top 100 Albion Goals (If They Were Scored at Withdean), send them to Steve Evans, Broadfield Stadium, Brighton Road, Crawley, Nr. Croydon, West Sussex, RH11 9RX.

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